Live (art)fully



Arthur Wei.

Traveler. Filmmaker. New Yorker.

Traded the suit and tie for a backpack. On the road since 9/17/15. Shot in 35 countries and counting. Home is where the heart is.


Reach Out


I am ALWAYS looking to connect. If you are a business looking at video as a medium for marketing, reach out and do check out my company Sonder Travel Media. If you’re hoping to collaborate on a passion project, don’t hesitate to send a message.

Today the One-Person-Film-Crew, #1PFC, makes possible for some cool things. One of them being…you can invite me onto your next vacation for a mini-movie. Check out . There’s also a 10% referral (so $500-$1500+) if you get someone to sign up. Share it with a friend or stick it on your website!