On the Road: How the Road Trip Started


Imagine the best thing that could happen to you right now. Winning the lottery would be somewhere up there. Now imagine the worst thing that could happen. I’d say getting into an accident and becoming a paraplegic would be mine.

There’s a heavily cited study in the field of psychology, where they surveyed both groups, lottery winners and paraplegics, a year after their life changing event and they looked at their happiness levels.
It turns out, a year out, their overall happiness with life in general is more or less the same.

If that’s so, then on a day to day basis, what the heck should we strive for?

There are countless studies that show the biggest human flaw we have is our failure to predict our emotions.

This study & video is a reminder to focus on the things that matter –to look at the big picture.

**Heading off to Oregon now. Redwoods, Oregon caves, Crater Lakes here we come!

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