Havasupai: My favorite place in the US


I was all hiked out after Zion. It was 4pm and I was at a random off-the-highway Starbucks. Where do I go tonight? I decided to shoot Havasupai a call to see if by some miracle there were open spots. They told me there were all booked for the year earlier. I was cool with that…I had just did The Narrows yesterday, and Angel’s Landing the day before –the 2 most amazing hike’s I’ve ever done.

The Narrows:


Angel’s Landing: Video coming out next week


Welp, this video is here, so you know I went to Havasupai! It was amazing. I don’t think as many people know about it because it’s so hard to get reservations and the online resources are not clear. Here’s my 2 cents to help you out:

For Havasupai, you can find most information on their website.

However, there are a few confusing areas that I’d like to provide clarification on.

How much time should I spend?
At least 2 nights. As it is a 10 mile hike in and out

How do I get there?
Check this map and get gas at Peach Springs or before!

When should I book reservations?
If you’re going in a group book EARLY! Most groups I met booked 6-8 months earlier. That also means that a lot of people back out. When they do, spots open up for solo travelers like me.  Call often as spots do open up!


It is also incredibly easy to make friends at Havasu compared to National Parks or other tourist destinations so I highly recommend going solo, especially since planning a group trip that much in advance sounds like a pain.

For additional resources, check out this sweet guide: http://www.wildbackpacker.com/backpacking-trails/havasupai-trail/


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