First real film gig!

For the last month I had an amazing opportunity to explore the best of Panama City and capture it on film. It’s 5AM in San Jose, Costa Rica and I’m about to take a bus to Nicaragua. I’d like to add onto this post later, but I would just like to say that it has been my dream job to work and travel and this was exactly that. I got to learn 4 hours of Spanish every day and not only did I get paid to see the best of Panama City, I also got to explore Bocas Del Toro, a stunningly beautiful island, for 2 weeks. I hope this piece adds to my portfolio and it can open many more opportunities just like that.


For example, maybe I can explore the world with I just sent in video my application this morning too (Mom all-nighters are ok if I got an 8 hour bus ride coming up). Anyways, feel free to check out the hustle, and I think sharing it might help my chances. Cheers!


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