A Highlight of my Central America Travels: A Volcanic Eruption! (Photos, story, and video inside)




Near Antigua, Guatemala, we hiked up Volcano Acatanengo in the hopes to see Volcano Fuego erupt.


Endless beauty.

Volcanoes in every cardinal direction.

We headed to a small Mayan home where a guide waited to lead us to see a volcanic eruption…if we are lucky.


Mayan babies seem to have infinite wisdom.


Through jungles we climbed.

Worried the low visibility will provide nothing but rain at summit.


Sometimes we couldn’t see the person ahead of us.

Altitude was kicking my butt.

It was getting really cold.

A few locals along the way said it was going to rain tonight.


No rain.

Clear visibility, and a rare sighting of an eruption.

We made it to the top. Our stomachs were filled with butterflies…and marshmallows


The volcano didn’t just erupt once or twice…


It did not STOP!

It rumbled on and roared all night.


Lightning raged safely in the distance with the volcano.

I taught Rachel how to take her first long exposure and night shot.

Not a bad place to learn.

She was ecstatic!


Too excited to sleep.

We brought our sleeping bags and all cuddled by the fire for warmth.

Our guide told ghost stories in Spanish.

Closing our eyes occasionally, we’d forget we were there, only to open them to this view


At 4AM we climbed straight up to the summit for sunrise.

The volcano was still rumbling.

It never stopped.

We felt so lucky.


Multiple volcanoes peaked through the clouds. A dog followed us up 13,000 feet.

A tranquil still amidst roaring winds and volcanic rumblings.


We ran down the mountain to our little Mayan baby waiting for us.

On to the next adventure…

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