Da Nang Street Food Tour Promo Video

I took 3 weeks off from backpacking to relax in Da Nang, Vietnam. One of the best things about Da Nang is the incredibly delicious variety of street foods. It’s about $1 a meal and with my $10 per night hotel, I was living pretty comfortably under $20 a day.

During long periods of travel, I tend to miss structure, stability, and a social circle. My time in Da Nang covered this very well, and it was fantastic working with Da Nang Street Food, where I got to eat like a king and have my expenses for the month covered.

Now it’s time to get back on the road — joining my best friend on his journey of self-discovery to his roots in Cambodia, and then traveling with my father in Myanmar.

I’m not sure yet what my plan is for 2017, but I believe something big will take form soon. Until next time.



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