Support a Rural Cambodian School Fundraiser goal reached in 1 week!

My old buddy Pan and I originally planned a week reunion together to explore Cambodia and his roots. However when visiting his family we realized that living in a rural village in one of the poorest countries in the world is no easy task. These rural Cambodian kids have been mired by a history of genocide, corruption and poverty. Like younger versions of ourselves, the children have big dreams to help others around them. Unlike us, many of them have to work after school for pennies to support their families, and while in school none of them have books or pens to record what they learn. With our local network and you, we realize that this is a prime opportunity to provide effective help.

We understand the importance of education for these kids, their families, and the growth of a nation. Let’s take the first step to make a change by providing the most basic necessities.

Please watch a super cool video and read more:


*This is a fundraiser with 100% proceeds going to supplies. We have local connections for distribution and to get the best prices. We have contributors to contribute rewards for other contributors. We also have schoolkids that see Pan as a role model from their own village that they can relate to. I believe this is a pretty solid place to give to. If you got little to spare, then please share this post. Thanks you!

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