Makara’s Story and another successful spontaneous fundraiser!!!

Makara’s Fundraiser helped raise $10,000. This went to helping create a new generation with stories like her’s.

When I heard Makara’s story I had to  pause all travel plans for the following few weeks. Moved by the struggles in Cambodia, moved by her willpower, and moved by the work done by the Cambodia YMCA Youth Institute – YI, I decided this is a story the world needs to see.

We had one meeting for planning the shoot and creating the fundraiser. Then we shot everything on the last day before I had to leave for Myanmar. Although all very spontaneous, everything worked out perfectly.

The kids from this fundraiser helped photograph the kids from our other successful $1,000 fundraiser.

They captured the joy of finally having writing materials, and created gifts from their photographs to thank our donors! Check it out!

Nothing this week in Cambodia was planned, but we created two beautiful fundraisers and raised over $11,000!




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