Rock climbing – 48 hours in 48 seconds with an Enterprise rental car

Enterprise Rent-A-Car hired me to make a commercial utilizing my skillset as a one-man-film crew. Here’s a video I got to do with my best friends. Nothing beats a good rock climbing roadtrip up to the Tufts Loj. I haven’t had such a classic weekend trip since I graduated college and left Boston. Thanks for bringing those memories back with old friends.

Cobblestone Freeway Tours Promo

Shot for Cobblestone Freeway Tours

Also in Ukraine: See the viral photo essay (22k+ likes / shares on FB) and video (500k

Leipzig: the city of classical music

I won the #thevideosummit contest and spent a week in Leipzig, Germany. Here’s a video I did for their tourism board showcasing Leipzig’s rich classical history. It was once the home