Nat Geo just ranked Tijuana as a top travel destination for 2016. Unfortunately, this came out AFTER I went. I did not intend to go to Tijuana nor did I intend to make this video. I did not decide to cross the border from San Diego until the morning of. At 7:45AM I was on my way to TJ, but at 7:30AM I still had not decided, was not packed, and was actually still asleep…

Angel’s Landing Hike | Highlights

Check out an action packed 100 second video of Zion National Park’s Angel’s Landing — arguably one of the best short hikes in the United States.

After 3 full days of editing the previous two videos, I got fed up with the rules of documentary / news editing and decided to pursue a more emotional approach. Originally just for fun, I have now refined it to be a bit more presentable. Enjoy and let me know what you think!

Havasupai: My favorite place in the US

I was all hiked out after Zion. It was 4pm and I was at a random off-the-highway Starbucks. Where do I go tonight? I decided to shoot Havasupai a call to see if by some miracle there were open spots. They told me there were all booked for the year earlier. I was cool with that…I had just did The Narrows yesterday, and Angel’s Landing the day before –the 2 most amazing hike’s I’ve ever done.

UPDATE: Robbed

It is Day 20 and we’ve only made it from San Francisco to Seattle. Between getting robbed, my own projects, Nunu’s wedding videos that he needed to finish, other random obstacles, coupled with all the learning & logistics in between, there have been a lot of unforeseen setbacks.

Most of the stress comes outside of travel planning, which we really don’t do much of at all. Pursuing purpose, learning new skills, starting these creative projects are a full time job on its own. We’re still working on finding a balance of fun, work and relaxation. It’s within reach, and we’ve made huge strides. Like the last video says, these challenges continue to be huge life lessons. Both of our lives have already taken quite a turn …for the good, which often comes from the bad.