What do video editing, chess, creativity, entropy, a fulfilling life and intelligence all have in common?

Let me take you for a ride…|| Starting a video project, an essay, or a painting is daunting at first. You have little idea where it will take you, but you start with the idea that it will come together. Living artfully is about applying the process of art to life. The process coincides with the equation for entropy, or likewise, the formula for intelligence; and like chess openings, it is…

San Blas Adventures

After Colombia my intentions were to backpack South America. However, once I got there I landed a job at Habla Ya in Panama City. After Carnivale, I had to make my way to the neighboring country. Despite its proximity, it’s not easy to get from one country to the other cheaply. I have yet to meet a backpacker that braved the overland journey. Last minute plane tickets were $500 one way, so I went with San Blas Adventures on a speed boat tour which was roughly the same price. Now I am making my way up Central America. I finish Nicaragua tomorrow and will head to Honduras. Subscribe to see upcoming videos on Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and reflections on the journey to travel and find...

First real film gig!

For the last month I had an amazing opportunity to explore the best of Panama City and capture it on film. It’s 5AM in San Jose, Costa Rica and I’m about to take a bus to Nicaragua. I’d like to add onto this post later, but I would just like to say that it has been my dream job to work and travel and this was exactly that. I got to learn 4 hours of Spanish every day and not only did I get paid to see the best of Panama City, I also got to explore Bocas Del Toro, a stunningly beautiful island, for 2 weeks. I hope this piece adds to my portfolio and it can open many more opportunities just like that.   For example, maybe I can explore the world with www.worldofbeer.com. I just sent in video my application this morning too (Mom all-nighters are ok if I got an 8 hour bus ride coming up). Anyways, feel free to check out the hustle, and I think sharing it might help my chances. Cheers!...

First stop in 2016 Backpacking Journey: Carnival @ Colombia!

What an absolute blast!

Yes, it wasn’t the best of sleeping arrangements, but it was the best of experiences. With exclusivity comes a lack of spontaneous serendipity, and for that reason, I’d take sleeping under the stars with new friend’s over a hotel any day.

Time to hop on a boat and island hop my way to Panama.